Time to increase video consumption on pharma websites and channels

Recent technological breakthroughs have set the scene for a paradigm shift in the way audiences interact with and consume video content. Physicians have access to a wide range of different tools and platforms that empower them to get the information they need.

When faced with the choice of selecting which source to use for watching professional online videos, majority prefer non-pharma websites.

 Most watched videos for medical or clinical purposes in the past 12 months (Source: DRG, 2016):

  • 46% – Univadis
  • 44% – YouTube
  • 36% – Medscape
  • 27% – BMJ
  • 24% – Pharma websites

Key points

Video is still king

Video is an excellent format for providing huge amounts of information in a short time. The fact that it incorporates sound, image and potentially text in the same file, can represent a big advantage in the attempt of engaging the audience.

Approximately 85% of the EU% physicians consume video content. What is more, half of them find the professional videos they have watched in the past year to be influential on their clinical decisions. (Source: DRG, 2016)

Understand what users really want

Understanding the needs of the targeted audience is key to providing valuable content. Offering videos that contain educational information such as CME, lectures, or medical news, spark the most interest from physicians.

 Make the videos easily accessible

Pharma websites are generally not user friendly and this is one of the main reasons why healthcare professionals avoid using them. It is not enough to have relevant content. It is also important to host this content on a website that is designed with the specific physician target segment in mind.

Approximately 39% of physicians would watch professional videos provided by pharma companies, if they were easier to find on their websites. (Source: DRG, 2016)

Partner with non-pharma channels/ websites

Understand which of the channels/ websites used by physicians to consume videos for professional purposes are the most relevant for the type of information that you are planning to provide. Partner with them and provide sponsored content, as this approach will increase the chances to drive traffic to the pharma website.

Keep up with the trends

More and more pharma companies are taking advantage of the new features that some of the social media platforms offer, and are choosing to go-live with their videos. This strategy can provide a good opportunity to build a community and engage with it in real time. Taking into account the highly regulated environment in which the industry operates, it is recommended to involve the MLR team for guidance on how aspects of social media can be used in an efficient and compliant way.



Decision Research Group (DRG), 2016, Taking the Pulse® Europe

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